4 Ways a sign can affect a business

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The type of signs you place around your facility is a crucial decision when operating a small to medium business. Choosing the right sign can lead to a good first impression of potential customers, while also benign the “silent salesperson” of your business. One way to ensure you have the right sign is to make a custom one, for example by using Vital Signs’s custom sign service.

1. Drawing Attention

One of the benefits of having good signage is that an attractive sign placed in a well-visited location can draw a lot of attention to your business. Signs inform passers-by about your business, serving as free advertising and helping potential customers locate your business in a busy shopping area. Some studies say that as many as 45 percent of customers visiting a business for the first-time do so because they noticed the sign. Therefore, it is highly likely that signs help you capture business that you might otherwise miss. Picking correct signage is really important for that, however. A bad example of this is this shop called “closed”. Having a bright sign that says closed makes passers-by assume that your shop is closed. 

2. Promotion

Signs allow you to communicate short and concise bits of important information that can generate additional sales. For example, a sign might tell customers about a special sale you are running, and might entice people to stop in on impulse and make a purchase. You can also use a sign to inform people of a recent award or accomplishment that your business has achieved or promote that it is the time of year to make use of a seasonal service your business provides.

3 Brand Exposure

Signs help you achieve brand recognition and reinforcement. Although people who drive by your business, for example on their commute, may not immediately need your products and services, the constant exposure to the promotional materials can implant your business in their minds. For example, if your business has an interesting and unique logo or a memorable advertising slogan, a sign that features these can make your business more memorable, making customers more likely to come to you when they need what you offer.

4. Information

In addition to being powerful marketing tools, signs can also impact your business in many other ways. If your business operates in a big building, signs can help customers find where they wish to go and help them avoid confusion. Signs can also warn both customers and employees of any safety guidelines or issues they need to know. If your business is more "self-serve" in nature, clearly written signs are crucial for your customers to know what to do.


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